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Careers in Airman

Young men can join as an Airman in either the Technical and Non-Technical trades of the Air force. The Airman cadre provides opportunities for men (only men)with matriculate or below, 10+2 /Intermediate, graduates, Diploma holders and postgraduates in either of the three combatant groups i.e ‘X’, ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ of the technical and the non-technical trades. Candidates short listed after the initial selection procedure, are allotted a suitable trade and go through a rigorous training regimen at one of the training institutes. Thereafter, they are inducted and posted as Airmen at any of the Air Force Stations. Each trade offers opportunities to grow and enhance your skills. Depending on your inclination and talent/suitability you can move from one trade to the other and grow in ranking.

One can even get commissioned as an Officer in the Air Force. As an airman under the Technical Trades, the work involves the maintenance and testing of aircraft and flying related equipment. One will also be directly or indirectly involved in the maintenance and overhaul of ground equipment and armament. As an airman in the Non-Technical trades, the work involves assistance and support to the various functions from weather forecasting to maintenance of records and files of the Indian Air Force and all its branches. As an Airman, apart from your basic pay, you are also entitled to a number of perks and benefits. Even during the training period you get a monthly stipend of Rs. 2850 if you join Combatant Group X or Y and Rs. 2650 if you join Combatant Group Z.

The basic pay of the lowest ranking ‘Aircraftsmen’ (AC) to the highest ranking ‘Master Warrant Officer’ (MWO) in the three combatant groups, range from Rs. 4500-10,700/ month. Along with the pay there are benefits such as free accommodation, free ration, medical facilities, children’s schooling, Insurance cover, after retirement benefits etc. The Technical Trades and Non – Technical Trades grouped under 3 combatant groups- Combatant ‘X’, Combatant ‘Y’ and Combatant ‘Z’.

The various trades in each group are:

Technical Trade: • Radio Fitter • Radar Fitter • Missile Fitter (E) • Missile Fitter (L) • Missile Fitter (M) • Workshop Fitter (B) • Workshop Fitter (C) • Instrument Fitter • Electrical Fitter • Airframe Fitter • Plant Maintenance Fitter (E) • Plant Maintenance Fitter (M) • Engine Fitter • Weapon Fitter • Photo Technician • Safety Equipment Worker • Machinist • Mechanical Transport Technician • Air Defence System Operator • Radio Technician

Non–Technical Trade: • Education Instructor • Ground Training Instructor • Meteorological Assistants • Air Field Safety Operator • Telephonist / Radio / Telephone Operator • Indian Air Force Police • Clerk General Duties • Equipment Assistant • Clerk Pay Accounting • Medical Assistants • Mechanical Transport Drivers • Aircraft Hands General Duties • Catering Assistant • Musicians

As an airman in the Indian Air Force, you get the opportunity to move ahead in your ranking by moving on to specialised trades or also become an officer. Enterprising Airmen are nominated at regular intervals for the post of officers and will be granted one of the following Commissions.



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