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Career as a Child Counsellor

A child counsellor provides counselling on a variety of problems and disorders, such as relationship issues, depression due to (amity issues, exam-related anxiety and learning difficulties such as dyslexia. S/ho can also provide career guidance. Often these counsellors need to counsel parents, too. to address the root cause of a problem. Child counsellors also work in hospitals. They can practise independently, too feedback on some students 10.30 am: Two life skills periods 11.40 am: Introductory sessions with a student 12.05 pm: Write a daily report 2 pm: Lunch 3-4.30 pm: Call up parents for appointments, follow-up discussions. Face-to-face session with a parent 4.45pm: Lights off for the day Salary Normally, child counsellors in schools are in the TGT/ PGT pay bracket. A senior school counsellor, with an MA degree in psychology and a PG diploma in guidance and counselling, can draw about 17,000 a month. On average, a PGT-scale counsellor with a PG degree and three years’ experience can earn about Rs 25.000 to 30,000 a month in a big Delhi school. In a private hospital, a fresh clinical psychologist with an MPhil degree can make about Rs 30,000 a month. However, much depends on your expertise


  1. Excellent communication skills, especially listening
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Empathy
  4. Open mindedness and objectivity to deal with the child neutrally
  5. Ability to win trust to establish rapport with the client
  6. Sensitive and non-intrusive
  7. A strong sense of ethics

HOW DO I GET THERE? Though you may opt for any subject combination at the plus-two level to be eligible for a Bachelor’s in psychology, it’s considered preferable to take science (physics, chemistry, biology) with psychology. (Some schools offer psychology in senior school.) After that do your graduation and Master’s in psychology and/or a PG diploma in guidance and counselling. For better career prospects, you may do MPhil/PhD. Those wanting to work with disabled children require a licence from Rehabilitation Council of India


  • • Delhi University (for psychology)
  • • Indira Gandhi National Open University (certificate in  guidance)
  • • Most universities offer degrees in psychology


  • • Growing need for counselling in the country
  • • Great joy in seeing a depressed soul walk out happy Irom your room (though not after just one session)
  • • Job options still limited largely to big cities
  • • In schools, you may have to step-in as substitute teacher
  • • Initial salary is not high



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