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Career as Sports Coaches and Instructors

Sports coaches and instructors teach the skills and techniques of a particular sport or a few related sports to beginners and professionals. They chalk out training programmes and keep them in peak form at the right time. Team coaches have the additional responsibility of moulding their players into an effective unit. These days they use audio-visual equipment as instructional aids and work closely with the team manager in selecting potential players for a particular team. As a coach you could work in a gymnasium, sports and fitness centres, sports clubs, schools, colleges and as in-house coaches for corporate teams. Those involved in professional sports are likely to travel extensively to specialist training facilities, competitions and matches all over the country and abroad. Full-time jobs for coaches are relatively few as professional sport has become extremely competitive and coaches tend to be judged by the results. However, there are lots of opportunities for administrative and related work. Others are selfemployed and conduct coaching classes for sports enthusiasts and as personal trainers. National coaches are hired by governing bodies of various sports, professional sports clubs and educational institutions supported by public and private sector undertakings and local sports authorities.Opportunities vary from sport to sport.

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) offers courses in sports coaching at its various branches:

  • • SAI, Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala.
  • • SAI, NS South Centre, University Campus, Bangalore.
  • • SAI, NS Eastern Centre, Salt Lake City, Sector-III, Kolkata.
  • • SAI Lakshmibai National University of Physical Education, Gwalior (deemed university)

The selection procedure for admission includes tests in general knowledge, theory of main sports, practical test and interview.



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