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Career in Apparel Management

A programme in Apparel Management deals with the study of brand management, e-commerce, sourcing, product improvement, marketing tactics as well as operational management of textiles. The course curriculum comprises innovative technologies, leadership strategies, course work, field training, internships, etc. Apparel Management can be studied at master’s level or as a postgraduate diploma or research. On completion of the course, students get opportunity to master technical know-hows with top designers and brands around the world.

Institute of Apparel Management (IAM) has a clear vision to position itself as “India’s First Multi-Varsity” offering International & Indian Pathways to meet the ‘National talent Deficit” of trained professionals for the “Business of Fashion” in the apparel, fashion, retail and lifestyle industries. IAM has recently collaborated with IGNOU to offer programmes that has cascading effect in the area of Fashion Design & Management; IGNOU is regarded as “World largest University”. IAM with this Collaboration is set to train 3000-5000 professionals by the end of year 2015 which will contribute substantially to fill the managerial and talent deficit. Apparel Sector today faces the key challenges in the areas of ‘right attitude of leadership”, “robust entrepreneurship”. “New Technology”. “Contemporary Skill sets’. ‘Global Perspective’ & “Innovation* and new product development.

Courses at IAM: Currently they are offering two pathways. Under International Pathways they are offering UG pro¬grammes in Fashion & Lifestyle Design (FLD)/Fashion Textiles Merchandising (FTM) and PG programmes in Fashion Design Management (FDM)/Apparel Marketing and Merchandising (AMM) with pursuing final year at RMIT. Australia; GBC. Canada; University of Wolverhampton. UK and through Edexcel 169 Universities across the world and under Indian Pathway 8A in Apparel Design & Merchandising (ADM)/Fashion Communication (FC) and MA in Apparel Production Management (APM)/Fashion Retail Management (FRM) when the degree will be awarded by IGNOU.



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