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Career in Calibration and Testing

Efficiency of quality control depends entirely on the accuracy and reliability with which the test and measuring instruments (TMI) yield test results. In a highly competitive market, systematic and periodic checking of TMI is mandatory for reliable measurements. The periodic assessment of a TMI in comparison with another instrument is known as calibration. Internationally acceptable standardisation is also required for global exchange of technology, components and parts. Laboratory accreditation ensures compliance with the ISO/IEC standards. The reason for going into this technical jargon is to underline the fact that the work of a calibration professional requires a great deal of precision — leaving absolutely no room for error.

Typically calibration and testing professionals chart the sequence of testing and calibration for instruments and equipment as per the blueprints, schematics, technical manuals and other specifications. They meticulously conduct preventive and corrective maintenance of peripheral equipment and test apparatus. To excel in this field you need good communication skills backed by logical thinking to interact with engineers, supervisors and other technical workers to assist with equipment installation, maintenance and repair techniques. Hone your maths, stats and algebra skills, as you will be required to analyse and convert test data, using mathematical formulas and report results and proposed modifications. Determining causes of operating errors and deciding what to do about it is another major area of work that you will need to undertake.

Work opportunities exist in calibration labs and industries engaged in electro-technical, mechanical, radiological, thermal and optical and fluid-flow measurements. You can also work with various MNCs, PSUs, R&D centres and SMEs that require calibration and testing services.Standardisation Testing & Quality Certification, MIS Division, D/o Information Technology, New Delhi ( offers a post-diploma in test engineering, calibration & maintenance of electronic equipment. Regional Testing Centre, Chennai, offers entrepreneurial and skill development programmes in calibration of measuring instruments (mechanical/electrical and electronics).

Eligibility : Degree/diploma in engineering in relevant field. After gaining some work experience and expertise in the field, you can opt for some of the advanced training courses offered by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL), New Delhi (www.nabl–



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