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Career in Fashion Communication

Fashion communication is a relatively new but very exciting field that has opened up in the fashion industry. In today’s fast developing fashion scenario, many Indian brands are competing with international brands. This has opened up exciting opportunities for those who have a design aptitude combined with specialised knowledge of communicating through different media such as print, electronic, digital, web and audio-visual media. A good course in communication will arm you with an understanding of web and multimedia design, computer graphics, illustration, product design, exhibition design, visualising and art direction, typography and photography. Students passing out, will have high level skills and domain knowledge and emerge as professionals who can offer effective communication solutions for the fashion and lifestyle industry. As a designer of fashion communication, you will work on areas such as visual merchandising, styling, graphic design, display and exhibit design, advertising, public relations and creative writing, besides evolving design strategies, branding, portfolios, among other subjects.

Courses in fashion communication are offered at: Pearl Academy of Fashion ( , NIFT (, Symbiosis Centre for Design, Pune (, S.N.D.T Women’s University, Mumbai (, to name a few.



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