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Career in Industrial Design

The Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at IIT Powai (Mumbai) has recently been acknowledged as one of the 60 best design schools in the world by Business Week, a leading US business magazine. IDC offers Master’s programmes in industrial design, visual communication, animation and interaction design as well as a PhD in design. The programme is meant to develop skills, knowledge and aptitude among students to become creative problem-solvers who can bring about innovation into the manufacturing and communication industry. The first two semesters in the first year consist of theory courses and learning-oriented projects, while the second year is more or less spent on design projects. Depending on your interests you can choose elective courses in the second and third semester. You can choose to specialise in the following areas: studies in form, product detailing, product visualisation, advanced ergonomics, exhibition design, typography, video, photography, animation, multimedia, information design, computer graphics and illustration.

Visual communication focuses on meeting the unmet communication needs for which resources are not readily available. The programme gives students better maturity in handling communication design problems, a deeper understanding of aesthetic aspects and generating methods and processes for solving communication problems. It equips you to become a creative and analytical problem-solver who can effectively use various design methods. You can also specialise in one of the many areas of visual communication e.g. typography, information visualisation, interaction design, video/film making, exhibition design, animation, photography, etc. The industrial design programme concentrates on developing skills, knowledge and attitude among students to become creative problemsolvers who can effectively and strategically use different design processes and methods. You will learn to correlate a product’s technical and ergonomic functions with real human needs.

The course will develop your innovative and aesthetic sensibilities to solve socially relevant problems and design a coherent and appropriate product. While working on a project, you will interact with industry, institutions and social organisations to understand, study, analyse and solve various kinds of existing problems. The animation programme grooms experts who will spearhead the future of animation — directly responsible for nearly all aspects of the film making process — from concept to drawing, shooting, camera etc. Since India is emerging as a major global player in animation production, this is an opportune time to respond to the necessity of a holistic approach to animation. Students have access to cutting edge IT capabilities and the proximity to other engineering disciplines, which facilitates crossdisciplinary and collaborative projects. You can also explore and experiment with new areas for animation applications. The all-India Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) is conducted by IIT Bombay, on behalf of the ministry of human resource development, for admission to Master of Design (MDes) programmes at IITs (Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur), IISc Bangalore and PhD programmes in design in some institutes. 



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