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Film / TV Makeup Artist

Not all actors or models are born with flawless skin or perfectly chiselled looks, but professional make-up can transform the girl-next-door into the proverbial swan. Besides a steady hand, speed and the stamina to stay on your feet for long hours, imagination and appreciation of the human form are the prerequisites of a successful makeup artist. TV and film make-up is quite different from fashion or party make-up. And being somewhat heavier, film make-up is different from TV makeup. Depending on whether it’s a period film or horror flick you may have to use wigs, false teeth, highlights and shadow make-up for each character maintaining the continuity shoot after shoot. If it’s a thriller, materials like foam latex and gelatine are used to change the shape of the face or create life-like scars and wounds. Professional makeup artists research and minutely plan the make-up required for each production. The medium — video, still or film — also determines the kind of make -up to be done. Make-up for the ramp is different from that for TV, and that for TV is quite different from that for films. Although a traditional male stronghold, the number of women make-up artistes in the Indian film industry is steadily rising — as in every other hitherto male-dominated field, which is a refreshing change.



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