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Career in Pharmacology

It is the science and method of detecting, evaluating, understanding and preventing adverse effects of medicines. The main purpose is to improve patient care and bring about awareness in the use of medicines and other interventions. India is the fourth largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the world. With the introduction of many new drugs in the country, it is imperative to have a vibrant pharmacovigilance system to safeguard the population from any potential harm. Even a few cases of morbidity or mortality among patients can destroy the credibility of the drug and in the worst case, the pharmaceutical company may even have to withdraw the drug from the market — something every drug manufacturer dreads considering the huge costs involved in developing and launching of a new drug, not to mention the loss of reputation and ensuing law suites. As the demand for professionals in this field is growing rapidly, you could look at an interesting career in this field. The Institute of Clinical Research India, provides a postgraduate diploma in clinical research and pharmacovigilance (11-year) in collaboration with Accenture*.

Eligibility: Degree/postgraduate in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and life sciences The course covers the basics of pharmacology, clinical research, pharmacovigilance and regulations, case processing, aggregate report, risk management and signal detection.

*Accenture will hire diploma-holders after due screening.



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