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Career in Robotics Engineering

“Robotics Engineering is a field of engineering which deals with the construction, design, application and operation of robots. Robotics Engineering is an interdisciplinary branch of electrical engineering & mechanical engineering“.Robots are those machines which are able to execute the duties that humans are either unable or prefer not to complete. Some robots are manufactured to do jobs which are hazardous to people like exploring mines, defusing bombs, etc. Robotics research engineers design robotic systems and research methods to manufacture them in a cost effective manner.

Eligibility: Candidates can pursue diploma, bachelors and master courses in this field. For Bachelor Courses: You can apply for a bachelor’s degree (B.Tech) in Robotics Engineering after passing 12th science examination. Candidates must have Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects in the 12th standard. For Master Courses: To apply for master degree (ME/M.Tech), students must have a bachelor’s degree (B.E/B.Tech) or any other related branches of engineering. B.Tech /BE in Electronics /Mechanical /Electrical /Computer Science and Engineering/ Instrumentation & Control Engineering/ Electrical and Electronics Engineering are eligible to take admission in M.Tech programme. M.Tech in Robotics engineering provides a deep knowledge in the areas of robotics engineering by covering electro mechanics, robotics sensors and instrumentation, robotics fabrication, artificial intelligence and robotic vision.

The specialized fields of Robotics engineering are given below:

  • Micro-Robotics
  • Automation
  • Bio-Cybernetics
  • Digital Electronics and Micro-Processors
  • Medical Robotics
  • Design and Control
  • Signal Processing
  • Robot Manipulators
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing System
  • Robot Motion Planning
  • Computational Geometry
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Air Traffic Management Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence

Skills Required: Robotics engineers should be highly creative, self-motivated individuals with an ability to think outside the box. Their advanced mathematics, applied physical science, and computer science skills should be solid, and they should enjoy collaborating with a team and be adept at communicating with others. Because the programming of new robots is considered by some to be the most challenging aspect of robotics engineering, particular expertise or a degree in software engineering is highly desirable and may expand a robotics engineer's career options considerably.

Job Prospects: After completing the degree course in this field, you can take jobs in manufacturing, maintenance, research of nuclear power plants and many other areas. Due to the advancement of technology, this robotics technology is used in space exploration, power plant maintenance, automobile industry, Petroleum exploring places, etc. Plenty of job opportunities are available for robotics engineers both in India as well as in abroad countries. Candidates with M.Tech degree in Robotics can seek job opportunities in space research organizations such as ISRO and also in industries which manufacture microchips. They can work in robot manufacturers. Robot engineers working for robot manufacturers are sometimes called robotics test engineers or automation system engineers. You may also get a job for building robots for various industries such as appliances & electronics building, food packaging, etc. You can also opt teaching jobs in various government and private universities.

Salary: Robotic engineers salary typically depends upon their qualifications, experience, location and organization for which they are working. Robotics engineers working in abroad gets lucrative salary package. In India, as a Robotics Engineer you can easily earn a starting salary between Rs.3 to 4 lacs per year.More experience will help you to earn more in this field. In the USA, the average salary for a Robotics Engineer is $81 k per year. Working location, experience and education factors have also impact on the salary packages.



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