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Career Options after B.Com

The B.Com. programme provides a good knowledge base for a range of careers. These are broadly of two types:

  • • Those in business and finance such as CA, company secretaryship (CS), cost and works accountants (CWA), banking and so on
  • • Others, including or related to finance, law. mass communication, hotel management, civil services and so on.

A commerce education can lead to jobs with corporations and banks as investment bankers, managers, financial consultants, accountants, advisers etc. Accountancy is key in this field and if you are good with numbers, you can excel. Even if you have not cleared the PCC. you can still get into finance-related careers through programmes such as CWA and CS. as well as diplomas in banking and finance, treasury management and financial planning offered by a number of institutes. Commerce graduates and postgraduates can also take competitive examinations for recruitment to the civil services, including the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Economic Services and others. After B.Com, you may also do an MBA, even if it is a correspondence programme, as long as it is from a recognized university. If you are interested in non-finance courses, there are any number of diplomas in fields such as mass communication, event management, and travel and tourism available. Much depends on your interests and the field of work you wish to focus on.



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