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Careers in Counselling

Counselling With increase in complications at several turns of your life, you may often feel confused and low. Whether you worry about career planning, walk out off a relation or face social, emotional, academic, familial and economic crisis, you need support at various stages of your life. Here in rises the need for a counselor who can help you to face the challenges at different stages of your life. Counselors ensure healthy development of a person by offering support, evaluation, therapeutic aid or consultation. They can also be involved in teaching and research. It is needless to say that there is a growing demand for a patient and compassionate listener who can help sufferers including children neglected by their parents, aged people thrown out of their family, married couples lacking compatibility, victims of domestic violence and many others to overcome their crises and live a better life through counseling. Several institutes offer counseling courses in India these days to produce trained professionals in this profession.. Qualifications for Counseling Courses: Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma courses on counseling are offered by various institutes all over India. For pursuing a PG Diploma in Clinical and Community psychology, you need to have a graduation in Psychology. For admission to diploma program in Guidance & counseling, some institutes prefer candidates with a Bachelors degree in Home Sc., Education or Arts, whereas others admit candidates with a M.A/M.Ed (psychology) degree. Counseling courses also include a certificate course in Guidance. Candidates with M.A degree in Psychology can apply for Diploma program in Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling and PG Diploma course in Rehabilitation Psychology. Postgraduate candidates can also apply for PG Diploma in Counseling. Benefits of Counseling Courses: More and more people are resorting to counseling to solve various crises of their lives. After pursuing counseling courses, students acquire helping skills to counsel and guide people for coping up with their educational, social or personal crisis. Scope for Counseling in India: Once you complete counseling courses, you can choose from several job profiles in India. Trained personnel can opt to work in marriage counseling agencies, schools and colleges, old age homes, counseling centers, welfare departments of governments or remain self employed. Scopes for Counseling Abroad: In the countries in the West, counselors are held in the same rank as other medical practitioners. Their remunerations are thus higher than that in India. Counselors can opt for practicing abroad in the same fields offering counseling jobs in this country. Institutions offering courses on counseling: National Council of Vishwavidyalaya, Educational Research Nalanda Parisar. 169. & Training. Sri Ravindra Nath Tagore Aurobindo Marg, Marg, Indore – 452 001 New Delhi -110 016 Himachal Pradesh Department of University, Summer Hill, Psychology, Punjab Shimla-171 005 . University, Sector 15, Chandigarh Karnataka University, Pavate Nagar, Government Home Dharwad – 580 003 Science College, Sector 10-D, Chandigarh Regional Institute of Education, The Maharaja Sayajirao Mysore – 570 006 University of Baroda. Gujarat SNDT Women’s University, 1, Nathibai All India Institute of Thakersey Road, Physical Medicine and Mumbai – 400 020 Rehabilitation, Maharashtra The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, SNDT Women’s Opposite Drug University, Laboratory, Shastri Maharashtra Bridge Road, Fatehganj, Vadodara – 390 002. Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya, University of Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh MG Road, Fort Mumbai – 400 032 Regional Institute of Education, Madhya Rani Durgavati Pradesh Vishwavidyalaya, Saraswati Vihar, Regional Institute of Pachpedi, Education, Karnataka Jabalpur – 482 001 Annamalai University, Mahatma Gandhi PO. Annmalai Nagar, Chitrakoot Gramodaya Tamil Nadu-608 002, Vishwavidyalaya, University of Madras, Chitrakoot – 485331 Tamil Nadu Regional Institute of Ed- Devi Ahilya ucation, Bhopal- 462013



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