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Careers in Nanotechnology in India

Nanotechnology Nanotechnology is the emerging field in science and technology and is poised to bring in revolutionary changes across all spheres of life. Nanotechnology can be applied across a wide variety of fields, right from medicine, textile and education to defense and manufacturing. Several focus groups across the country are working on bringing innovations in their respective fields of specialisation. A student can opt for applied and basic research in this field across all these fields. Scope in India The Nanotechnology impact on India is predicted to be larger than the IT and internet boom.The epicentre of this boom will be in places like Bangalore and Chennai which are the hub of manufacturing, IT and medicine.The Indian government has already started Nanoscience and Nanotechnology initiatives and various funding agencies like the Department of Science and Technology. This department constitutes a Nano Mission Council which has been operating across many educational institutions, majority of which are in the South. Some of the Southern institutions that have dedicated Nanotechnology research centres funded by the Council are IISc in Bangalore, Sastra University in Tanjavur, Karunya University in Coimbatore, Osmania University in Hyderabad, Anna University in Chennai and Vellore Institute of Technology in Vellore. The Council provides an opportunity to research and helps in addressing issues across a wide spectrum of topics like Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Nanostructure Synthesis and Characterisations, DNA chips, Nanoelectronics and Nanomaterials.The Council provides adequate funding for research in basic and applied areas of Nanotechnology and also for training manpower in Nanotechnology. Currently it is used in healthcare to treat diabetes, skin problems and cancer. It is also being used in water purification. A student should come with an open mind to pursue this course.The application of fundamentals is very necessary. He should be well-versed with subjects such as Physics, Chemistryand Biology. It allows a student to explore and innovate. So an objective and rational approach towards research and innovation is very important in this field.



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