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Careers in Spa Therapy and Wellness

Spa Therapy and Wellness A career in spa therapy offers tremendous potential for further growth in future along with financial security. The spa industry is experiencing rapid growth which in turn is driving the requirement for professionally qualified practitioners. With strong growth in the industry and the number of new spas doubling every year, this young industry is pushing itself in many directions to accommodate industry demand. Apart from India, there are a number of other countries in Asia whose spa industry is still developing and these include China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea and Myanmar. The value of the global spa and wellness industry has touched US$ 255 billion, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Salaries for spa professionals vary widely ranging from Rs 8,000 to over a lakh per month depending on the knowledge and experience of the candidate. Benefits: A career in this emerging industry has many advantages to offer like good pay packages, quick career growth, opportunities for working abroad and a pleasant, stress free work environment. Course Structure: A course in spa therapy will familiarize you with the basic physiology and anatomy of the human body. It will help you understand different body forms and identify imperfections. Moreover, you will learn about the various types of massage and spa therapies as well as about the specific health conditions that can be rectified or healed through massage etc. Besides learning how to treat cellulite you will learn how to administer heat therapy, body wraps, mud wraps, body polishes and salt exfoliation. You’ll gain expertise in trigger movements, pettissage, effleurage, tapping and sensory massage hydro and stone therapy, Swedish massage techniques, reflexology, muscle stimulation, remedial exercises and different techniques of massage, aromatherapy. The basics of sanitation and sterilization are also covered in these programmes. Institutes in India It makes sense to do a professional course in spa therapies and acquire an international certification from CIBTAC or ITEC. One such institute in India that offers courses in this field is Ananda Spa Institute, Hyderabad. From the long list of offerings, I think you could either opt for the ASI Spa Diploma (eight-month) or the ASI Holistic Diploma (five month). But there are several others you could check out as well.



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