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How to Become a Model in India

Modeling in India Typically, the minimum height required for becoming a ramp model is 5 feet 10 inches. However, do not be disheartened. Fashion modelling is essentially of three kinds: • Still modelling for print advertisements and catalogues. • Audio-visual modelling for television and the big screen commercials. • Ramp modelling for fashion shows. If your face speaks volumes (the kind that can launch a new frying pan or a thousand ships) but your physique holds you back then the first two options would be ideal. Once you decide upon modelling as a career, ‘professional’ is what you will need to be at every step. You have to be regular with your workout, diet and grooming. Surely, a well-sculpted body or a healthy glowing complexion is not built in a day and you will have to understand this. It also helps to keep abreast of things in general, along with the latest trends in style and fashion to project that ideal mix of brains and brawn. Usually the age specified for participants is 18-30 years. Typically modelling agencies ask you to send one full-length and one close-up colour picture along with your vital statistics. So the first thing you need to do is get some pictures taken by a professional photographer. For an aspiring model, a well-shot portfolio is the passport to getting noticed. Consider it an investment. You can also directly contact fashion magazines, ad agencies and perhaps even some top-of-the-line designers or choreographers if you feel your portfolio does you justice. You can do this by simply sending your photographs to the advertising agency’s model coordinator, even though the odds are that in the beginning, they may land up in the dustbin. But then, that’s all part of the initial struggle. The catch lies in not giving up. As the old adage goes — no pain, no gain. Signing up with a reputed modelling agency would also help.



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