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Industrial Mathematics Career

Industrial Mathematics Industrial mathematics has become a buzzword in the US, Europe and Japan in the last decade. In fact, this branch of applied mathematics is not only the queen of all sciences but is also the mother of all technologies. Scientific computing, semiconductor devices, image processing, electro-optics, very large integrated systems (VLIS), and sensor technology are some of the emerging areas of high technology. As classical geometry is ‘inadequate’ to understand the intricacies of nature, a new geometry called ‘fractal geometry’ has been invented by a mathematician. It has proved useful in studying and picturing mountains, skies, rainfall, coastal lines, artificial scenery, and designs and patterns through computers. This technique has revolutionized the film industry, image processing and data compression techniques, leading to the compact disc. In recent years, as new technologies have been developed, the demand for professionals capable of modelling and simulating these emerging technologies has dramatically increased. Modeling, analysis and computations performed by industrial mathematicians working with other professionals can provide technical advantages and cost savings, important for a company’s competitive edge. Industry mathematicians usually work in multidisciplinary teams and cover a wide range of industrial areas from aircraft and automobile design to software development, computer security and weather modelling and prediction. They are mainly hired by the computer software industry, electronics and computer manufacturers, aerospace and transportation equipment manufacturers, chemical/pharmaceutical manufacturers, communication service providers, engineering research organisations, consulting firms and some government agencies. For further information on this subject, do check out the website of the Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (SIAM), especially their pages on Thinking of a Career in Applied Mathematics? thinking.php



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