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Media Management Courses in India

Media Management Media management or communications management covers areas such as account planning and management/brand management, media planning and management and market research. A programme in media management will provide students with knowledge and understanding of the multidisciplinary field of media management, encompassing media technology and its basic components as well as market studies, business development, organisation and economics. Benefits of Media Management It enhances ability to understand the changing media environment and to research and analyse the technological, organisational, audience and business environment, creating more effective, efficient and knowledgeable managers. Provides an international, interdisciplinary focus to the study of media and communications by combining the management expertise. The goal of studying media management is to build a bridge between the general discipline of management and the specificities of the media industry and media organisations. As a media manager you require to develop a solid understanding of the structure of media, its regulation, its impact on the audience, and of the forces shaping the communications revolution. Media management incorporates media economics (study the structure of sectors and markets, and the deployment of resources, particularly financial ones, to meet the needs of audiences, advertisers and society), political economy (political economists are interested in the structure of the media industries from the perspective of regulatory and policy issues), media studies (this is a relatively new cross-disciplinary field that applies concepts from sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, psychology, art theory, information theory and economics to analyse the output of media organisations as a means of understanding society, its value system, and the cultural discourses at play) and of course mass communication and journalism (The nature of media content and how it is processed and delivered to audiences is the focus of this discipline).



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