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Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer Jobs Summer jobs are not just about money. In the bigger towns, it’s quite common for college students to take up part-time jobs these days. When you analyze the reason, the first thing that comes to mind is the money factor. But, then it’s also a fact that many of these youngsters hail from well-to-do families. So, do they really need to go out and work? Earning your own money at this age is so much fun many students think who take up summer jobs or work part-time. It definitely adds to your pocket money, especially when life in a big city is so expensive. Then there are others, who have their feet firmly planted on the ground, and eyes fixed on goals which are a little away from their grasp right now. I know several students who give tuition at home. While most chose to make an additional income, or go for crash courses to prepare for competitive exams, some others enroll for short-courses like computers or jewelery design, personality development, yoga, painting, swimming, judo, dancing or theater. Making some money is undoubtedly important, but it’s interacting with people that boosts your confidence and prepares you to make your way in the competitive, professional world. What are the Benefits ? Besides making you confident and improving your overall personality, the job will also teach you a very important lesson in time management — a necessity when there’s so much to do, and so little time. So if you get the opportunity of doing a summer job — grab it. Besides giving you that welcome dollop of extra pocket money, it will give you a tremendous insight into the world of work that will hold you in good stead regardless of whether you go for further study or work subsequently. Since you work to earn money, you will also have a better appreciation of the value of money. And don’t underestimate the value of on-the-job experience. Students shed their inhibitions about interacting with strangers and gain confidence and corporate experience that will be useful in their future careers. You may hesitate because working part-time seems ‘too trendy’ and not the conventional thing to do in India. So what? What would you prefer: lolling at home and whiling away your time or instead, spending your free time constructively? The choice is yours. How to find a Summer Job ? As for finding a summer job, scan your college notice board (Some companies put up their notices on college boards). Knock on doors — approach companies directly; browse job ads — in newspapers and on websites. Use your contacts (family, friends, etc). You could also approach placement agencies that specialize in offering short-term summer assignments.



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