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Beach Basketball

Beach Basketball

Beach basketball is a type of basketball which is played at the beach. The rules are similar to regular basketball, though players do not bounce the ball due the difficulty doing so on the sand surface. The players can take 2.5 steps while carrying the ball, and move the ball by throwing.   In this version of basketball, two teams play with three players each, and there are other two players allowed for substitution. The court is composed of sand, which should be around 12 to 15 meters. Just like regular basketball, there should be two opposing baskets and backboards. The players should play barefeet. A beach basketball game is around 10 minutes, with 5 minutes each half and a halftime in between. At half time, the teams change courts. In beach basketball, if the ball falls to the ground or the sand, the player who can get it first may take the ball and can continue unhindered. If the game ends with a draw, there is a shoot-out. Each player can take a free throw. There has been a total of fifteen World Championships organized for beach basketball.



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