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Water Basketball

Water Basketball

Water basketball is a water sport that is played in a swimming pool and can be best described as a mix of basketball and water polo. The sport is played both at a recreational and competitive level.   Water basketball is played in a swimming pool that is of the same size used for playing water polo. There are several variations of the sport based on which country the sport is played in. In some countries the hoop with a backboard similar to that of basketball is used, while some countries use just the hoop without the backboard. There are also versions of the sport that is played with a floating basket. The number of players per team also varies in different countries. In most countries five players per team play the sport, but the sport is also played with six players per side. Though there are several variations, the basic objective is the same. To score as many points as possible within the match duration. All versions have a shot clock timer, similar to that of basketball, for each possession before which the team has to take a shot. The sport is not very popular, and most tournaments conducted for the sport are at a local and national level.



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