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Unicycle Basketball

Unicycle Basketball

Unicycle basketball is basically the same with regular basketball but with a few changes. The unicycles must have a wheel size of 25.2 inches, they must not have sharp parts that might cause harm to the other players.   A player inbounding the ball must be on the unicycle, also, in preparation, they can place their one foot on the floor and one foot o the pedal. The three-second zone in regular basketball becomes the four-second zone in unicycle basketball.  If a player intentionally strikes or stops the ball using any part of the unicycle or his/her legs, that is a violation. However, if it’s not intentional, it’s not a violation. Traveling can also happen in Unicycle Basketball, 1 wheel rotation is equal to 2 steps. A traveling violation is called when a player holding the ball rotates his/her wheels in excess of the prescribed limits. The Puerto Rico All Stars is the most popular team in unicycle basketball, and they have won several titles.



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