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Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is basically regular basketball played on a wheelchair. This is mostly played by disabled people and this is one of the major disabled sports which is practiced. The game dates back to the 1940's. Ludwig Guttman wanted some sports played with wheelchairs.   The sport is controlled by the International Wheelchair Basketball federation. FIBA has actually recognized this sport. There are various competitions worldwide for this sport, including the Paralympic Games. A Wheelchair Basketball World Champions is usually held two years after every Paralympic Game. The rules and scoring are basically the same that of regular basketball. There are some exceptions. For traveling, it occurs when the players touched the wheels more than twice after receiving or dribbling the ball. Before touching the wheel again, the player must pass or shoot the ball. There are classifications set, on a scale of 1 to 4.5, for all teams to evaluate the functional abilities of a player. Each team may have 14 points each. Minimally disabled are 4.5, also non-disabled athletes. The highest degree of disability is a 1.0. Non-disabled athletes may play locally, but they cannot play in international competitions.



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