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Amateur Pankration

Amateur Pankration

Amateur Pankration is a modern combat sport based on the ancient Olympic sport of Pankration, though with no direct links to the ancient sport. The modern version is an amateur form of mixed martial arts with emphasis on safety and sportsmanship.   In 1969, the amateur version of Pankration was introduced to the martial arts community by Greek-American combat athlete Jim Arvanitis, who then exposed it worldwide in 1973. Amateur Pankration is now a recognized form of International Wrestling under the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA). FILA, organizers of the Olympic wrestling codes, sanctioned Pankration as a form of MMA (mixed martial arts) and was added to the World Combat Games in 2010. Rules allow wrestling and judo style takedowns, jiu-jitsu and grappling style submission holds, along with karate and Muay Thai punches and kicks directed to the body. There are three styles for the competition – Pankration Submission, Pankration A class (without striking on the head) and Pankration B (with striking on the head). There are tournaments and federations like MFC modern fighting Pankration and Pancras that are related to Pankration



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