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Calisthenics, also called as Australian calisthenics, is a competitive team sport in which athletes perform elements of Rhythmic Gymnastics and ballet. It is a difficult sport which requires high levels of flexibility, balance, precision, control, technique, execution, strength, and high levels of Choreography.   In calisthenics competitions a variety of elements are performed, which are, Figure March, Club Swinging, Rod Exercises, Free Exercises, Aesthetics, Song and Dance, Action Song, Folk Dance, Rhythmical Interpretation, Rhythmical Aesthetic, and Calisthenics Revue. There are also several 'Fancy Items' that are performed as part of a each routine. Most of the competitions are for teams of competitors, however there are two solo events called the "Graceful Solo" and "Solo and Duo". In competitions, the participating teams are separated into two divisions, based on the team's skill levels. The elite teams compete at the 'Championship' level and the other teams compete in the 'Championship Reserve' level. Competitors are classified into six age groups, and teams compete only with other teams within the same age group. Each routine is judged by a panel of judges and are awarded point. There is a strong emphasis placed on the costume, song, dance, theatricality (both musical and dramatic), and musical interpretation.



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