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Equestrian Vaulting

Equestrian Vaulting

Equestrian vaulting or vaulting is a gymnastics and dance discipline done on horseback. This can be practiced competitively or non-competitively.   Equestrian vaulting can be done by both men and women; this is one of the ten equestrian events recognized by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports. In competitions, individuals, pairs, or teams can compete. The beginners compete at the walk or trot; the experienced ones compete at the canter. The horse used in this will move in a 15-mtre circle, and this horse is directed by the lunger who is at the center. Equestrian vaulting involves exercises and choreographed freestyle exercised with music. The seven compulsory exercises are mount, basic seat, flag, mill, scissors, stand, and flank. An individual freestyle is usually around 1 minute, for teams, it’s around 4 minutes. They should be choreographed. Some of the components of freestyle are mounts, dismounts, handstands, kneeling, standing, jumping, leaps, and tumbling skills. The participants are scored from 0-10. If two are tied, the horses will be judged as well.



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