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Wheelchair Fencing

Wheelchair Fencing

Wheelchair fencing is a version of fencing in which athletes with a disability compete. The sport was developed at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital by Sir Ludwig Guttmann. Wheelchair fencing was introduced to worldwide audience at the Rome Paralympic Games in 1960.   Similar to fencing athletes can compete on three codes based on the weapon used, foil, épée, and sabre. Both men and women can compete on foil and épée, but only men compete in the sabre category. The specifications of weapons and the rules are exactly the same as that of fencing. The scoring system is also identical to that of fencing. The wheelchairs that are used are specially designed that enable athletes to use the weapons without restriction. During fights, the wheelchairs are tightly fastened to the floor. Athletes are classified into three classes based on the levels of their disability, which are, Class A - Athletes with a good overall balance and full trunk movement. Class B  - Athletes with impaired trunk and balance, and no leg movement. Class C - Athletes with disability on all four limbs. Competitions for this class are not included in the Paralympic games. Wheelchair fencing is a part of the Summer Paralympic Games which takes place every four years.



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