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Benchrest Shooting (Rifle Shooting Sports)

Benchrest Shooting  (Rifle Shooting Sports)

Benchrest shooting is a type of shooting sport. The guns used are accurate and precise rifles and they will attempt to shot at paper targets. Unlike other shooting sports, the participant shoots at the bench; the participant will shoot and hold the rifle without the benefit of a rest.   The rifles are on a front and rear rest. The rest will sit on a table or bench, that's why it's called benchrest. Most of the rifles used in benchrest shooting are custom made. There are two major types of benchrest shooting competition, group shooting and score shooting. In group shooting, sometimes called precision competition, the goal is to place five to ten shots at the target as close as possible. The winner is determined by who has the closest shots are grouped. In score shooting, or sometimes called accuracy competition, the targets used are traditional bulls eye target with scoring rings. The winner is determined by each participant's score results.



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