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Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting (Rifle Shooting Sports)

Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting  (Rifle Shooting Sports)

Fullbore target rifle shooting is a sort of traditional sport in which shooters hit the paper targets in prone position (lying on the ground). Target range is set to be 300 yards up to the 1000 yards.     In late 1860, this game evolved from Service rifle shooting and is considered distinctive of the British and Commonwealth countries. Present day fullbore target rifle shooting is easier because the modern rifles have better accuracy and good aperture sights. You can fully adjust the target rifle to shot the objective. Riflemen of all budgets can compete in this game if they have enough experience to get selected.      Fullbore Target Rifle shooting is connected to prone position single shot accurate shooting by means of the adjustable aperture sights at 'round bull' targets. Commonly used calibers in fullbore target rifle shooting competitions include .303 British and .308WIN/7.62x51. In Unites States, Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting is administered by the NRAA (National Rifle Association of America). Its championship is held in annual basis in the country. If you are a target shooter and have good proficiency in shooting from fixed firing points while in prone position, you can take part in the competition.



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