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Skeet Shooting (Shotgun Shooting Sports)

Skeet Shooting (Shotgun Shooting Sports)

Skeet shooting is one of the major disciplines of clay pigeon shooting. Participants attempt to break clay disks flung into the air using shot guns. There are variations of skeet shooting, one of the most popular is the Olympic skeet.   The general principles include the clay discs being around 109.54 mm in diameter, and 25.88 mm thick, and these should fly a distance of 62 yards. The firearm uses is usually high quality, like a double-barrelled over and under shotgun with 26 to 30-inch barrels, and should have very open chokes. Some participants also use a sporting gun or a trap gun. The participant must shoot from seven positions on a semicircle, the eight position is halfway between station 1 and station 7. The targets are launched by a device called the trap. The traps are able to launch the targets at around 15 feet above ground, and around 18 feet outside of station 8.



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