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Sporting Clays (Shotgun Shooting Sports)

Sporting Clays  (Shotgun Shooting Sports)

Sporting clays is a shooting sport which is one of the disciplines of Clay pigeon shooting - often called golf with a shotgun. The objective of the sport is to accurately shoot a flying target. The sport requires equipment such as a shortgun with cartridges, a trap machine that release targets, and clay targets.   Sporting clays is very popular because of the challenges the sport presents, which is similar to live quarry shooting. The target is released in various trajectories, by changing the angle and speed of release. The target shape and size are also changed between releases. The sport is conducted in a course format, where shooters move from station to complete the entire course. Each course can have 10 to 15 stations, with each station presenting unique challenges. Trap machines are setup in each station to release targets. Targets are released in pairs in three different variations, simultaneously, sequentially, or on report. In each station, targets are thrown in rounds of 25. The shooters are split into squads of six and shoot between 6 and 10 targets in each station. Targets can come from left or right, move inwards or outwards, fly up or fall down. Some of the variations of sporting clays are Five Stand, Compak Sporting, FITASC and Super Sporting.



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