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Practical Shooting (Pistol Shooting Sports)

Practical Shooting (Pistol Shooting Sports)

Practical shooting is a popular adventure sport, which is also known as action shooting and dynamic shooting sport. In this sport various competitors try to unite the three principles of this sport which are speed, precision and power with the use of a firearm of a certain caliber.   Scoring points usually vary in different formats of this sport as they calculate the time in which the course is completed also with penalties for inappropriate shooting. The courses are usually called stages and are shot individually by shooters. In this sport, the shooter has too move in different positions, like for instance firing over or under the obstacles and in some other unrecognized positions. There is no proper arrangements of targets in this sport, which means that the shooter has to be inventive to shoot the targets in an effective manner. Practical shooting sport is evolved from the experimentation of handguns, which were used for self-defense.



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