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Field Target Shooting

Field Target Shooting

Field Target is an outdoor shooting sport which was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1980, and gaining popularity around the world really fast. The most popular weapons used is rifles, though pistols are also used. It is played in the field, with sometimes the gunman on his knees, sometimes standing.   Competitors aim at a circular 'kill zone' on a face plate that is often shaped to resemble small game animals (although there is currently a move towards using simple geometric shapes). Targets are placed at any distance between 8 yards (7.3 m) and 55 yards (50.3 m) from the firing line. Competitors score one point for each hit (which results in the faceplate falling), and 0 for a miss. The final score is given as a percentage of the highest score of the competition. Shooting accuracy can be adversely affected by wind because of the large distance to the targets.



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