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Rounders is game that is played between two teams with a bat and ball, the sport on which game of baseball is based. Rounders is popular in Ireland and England. It is a game that involves striking and fielding by the opponent team. There are a number innings in which one team does the batting while other does the fielding and in the next inning it is vice versa.
The earliest reference suggests that the game was first played in 1744. In 1884, the rules were first formalized in Ireland by GAA. After the rules were formalized while in Great Britain, the game is regulated by Rounders England in Great Britain. The rules of the game differ at both the places.
The bowler bowls the ball while the batter strikes it. 9 fielders are allowed in the field at a given period of time. As the batter leaves a post, each runner at his post can run to the next posts. If a post runners standing at a post, he canned be declared as out. If a batting team is able to complete a circuit without being declared out then a rounder is scored. If the fielder catches the ball, then a batter is declared out. The batter is also declared out if he reaches a base that is already stumped or the batter runs while the bat is dropped.



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