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Wakeboarding is a sport which is placed in the surface of the water. Wakeboarding is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. This sport was developed in the 1980's, it used to be called skurfing. It was said to be created in Australia and New Zealand.
The wakeboarder or the rider is usually towed by a boat. The rider can also be towed in other ways like closed-course cable systems, winches, personal watercraft, trucks, cars, and all-terrain vehicles. The rider can hop on the board flat and follow the cable; they can also be on the edge of the board so they can move from side to side.
Various jumps and other techniques are performed by the riders. They usually do this by riding towards the wake of a boat and launching into the air. The boards used in wakeboarding are usually made of foam, honeycomb, and coated fiber glass. Wakeboarding is usually done in lakes, others also do this by the beach.



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