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Motorcycle Speedway

Motorcycle Speedway

Motorcycle speedway (often just called Speedway) is a racing sport of the motorcycle discipline in which riders compete in oval circuits for a fixed number of laps. The sport is very popular in some European countries and has a small presence in Australia and the United States.
Each race is contested by four riders, and lasts for 4 laps. Competitions are conducted in heats format. For each race, riders are awarded points based on their finish position, where 1st place finish carries 3 points, 2nd carries 2, and 3rd place finisher receives 1 point. The rider finishing in the 4th place or who does not finish the race does not receive any points. The rider with the most points at the end of the competition is declared as the winner.
All competitions have races that can be contested individually, in pairs, or teams. The FIM Speedway Grand Prix championship, which consists of a series of races, is the highest level of competition for the sport. The Speedway World Cup and the World Championship are the other two major international events held annually. Domestic competitions are conducted in several European countries, of which the United Kingdom has three major leagues, Elite, Premier, and the National League.



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