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Acu-Yoga is used to heal and stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanism. It relieves tension, boosts one’s energy and strengthens the body and mind. Yoga heals mind and body and liberates our soul. Acu-Yoga is a modern concept, where acupressure and yoga are combined for best results. This method uses traditional yoga postures for pressing acupressure points using whole body instead of just hands.

Yoga postures press specific body points to awaken the meridian pathways so that life energy can circulate freely and heal the body. Meridian pathways are acupressure points connecting different parts of the body. Meridians can be described as energy channels or pathways.

Partner yoga is a branch of acu-yoga which involves two people to stimulate pressure points. A pregnant woman can undertake yoga with her partner to enhance the acupressure effect and healing many of the pre natal and postnatal problems.

Acu yoga postures help in treating the body as a whole- at physical, mental and psychic level instead of the disease alone. This method contains modified asanas, pranayam and meditation techniques, which help in regulating the vital life force energy.

Most of the yoga practitioners agree that while doing asanas, there are different points in the body being pressed with varying pressure and intensity. Such pressure points are located on our palms, fingertips, soles of our feet and the part between the ankle and the knee. Yogasanas stimulate different pressure points and help in healing our body. Just like any other alternative holistic healing method, yoga also deals with all the three-mind, body and soul.

Acu-yoga is an attempt to blend acupressure principles with yoga to heal mind and body and liberate our soul. It helps to heal and stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanism. To practice Acu-Yoga one can also learn many asana or yoga exercises for e.g Mudras, Janushirsana, Neck roll.

Surya Namaskar literally means ‘Sun worship’.The postures in this form of Yoga help in stimulating acupressure points also. Hence the benefits are double fold.The pressure points stimulated are at the palm, feet and calf muscles.These postures provide elasticity to the spine reduces the abdominal fat, improves the lung capacity and digestion.

Some of the institutes offering diploma in acupressure and yoga therapy are:



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