Ahmad Wani to be awarded Ashok Chakra

Lance Naik Nazir Ahmad Wani has been posthumously awarded ‘Ashok Chakra’, India’s highest peacetime gallantry award for his role in a counter-insurgency operation in Kashmir last yea.......


Amul Camel Milk launched in Gujarat

The Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMF) has launched Amul Camel Milk in selected markets of Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Kutch. The camel milk offers a wide range of benefits .......


Rotavac is First India designed vaccine to pass WHO test

Rotavac became first Indigenously developed vaccine from India to be pre-qualified by World Health Organisation (WHO). It means that vaccine can be so can be sold internationally to several countries .......


Kolkata Becomes 1st Indian Metro To Get A Floating Market

Kolkata becomes the first Indian Metro to get a Floating Market. The market will be located on a water-body with boats doubling up as shops. The market, located on the eastern fringes of the city, was.......


Usha Ananthasubramanian became first woman IBA Chief

Usha Ananthasubramanian, MD and CEO, Allahabad Bank elected the first woman chairman of Indian Banks’ Association (IBA). She was elected IBA Chairman for the year 2017-18 by its Managing Committ.......


पंडित सीताराम चतुर्वेदी ( जन्म- 27 जनवरी, 1907)

पंडित सीताराम चतुर्वेदी ( जन्म- 27 जनवरी, 1907 ; मृत्यु- 17 फ़रवरी, 2005) हिन्दी के प्रसि.......


राधाबिनोद पाल ( जन्म-27 जनवरी 1886)

राधाबिनोद पाल (  जन्म-27 जनवरी 1886; मृत्यु- 10 जनवरी 1967) टोक्यो, जापान युद्ध अपराध न.......


नासिरुद्दीन मुहम्मद हुमायूँ ( मृत्यु: 27 जनवरी, 1555)

नासिरुद्दीन मुहम्मद हुमायूँ ( जन्म: 6 मार्च, 1508 ई. - मृत्यु: 27 जनवरी, 1555 ई.) एक प्रसि.......


कमलेश्वर (मृत्यु- 27 जनवरी, 2007)

कमलेश्वर (जन्म- 6 जनवरी, 1932 - मृत्यु- 27 जनवरी, 2007) बीसवीं शती के सबसे सशक्त लेखकों म.......


आर. वेंकटरमण (मृत्यु- 27 जनवरी, 2009)

आर. वेंकटरमण  (जन्म- 4 दिसम्बर, 1910 मद्रास - मृत्यु- 27 जनवरी, 2009 नई दिल्ली) भारत के आ.......


भारत भूषण (मृत्यु: 27 जनवरी 1992)

भारत भूषण (जन्म:1920 - मृत्यु: 27 जनवरी 1992) हिन्दी फ़िल्मों के एक प्रसिद्ध अभिनेता थ.......


निखिल रंजन बैनर्जी (मृत्यु: 27 जनवरी, 1986)

निखिल रंजन बैनर्जी ( जन्म: 14 अक्टूबर, 1931 - मृत्यु: 27 जनवरी, 1986) 20वीं सदी में भारत के .......


27 जनवरी की महत्त्वपूर्ण घटनाएँ

महत्त्वपूर्ण घटनाएँ1823 - अमेरिका के राष्ट्रपति जेम्स मोनरो ने दक्षिण अमेरिक.......


Important Events (from1901 to 2015)

January 27 • 1909 – The Young Left is founded in Norway. • 1927 – Ibn Saud takes the title of King of Nejd. • 1939 – First flight of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning. &.......


27 January International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is an international memorial day on 27 January commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. It commemorates the genocide that resulted in the death of an estima.......

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