8 जून की महत्त्वपूर्ण घटनाएँ

8 जून की महत्त्वपूर्ण घटनाएँ1658 - औरंगजेब ने आगरे के क़िले पर क़ब्ज़ा किया।1936 - इ.......


विश्व ब्रेन ट्यूमर दिवस

विश्व ब्रेन ट्यूमर दिवस (World Brain Tumor Day) प्रतिवर्ष '8 जून' को मनाया जाता है। चिकित्सा.......


विश्व महासागर दिवस

विश्व महासागर दिवस (World Oceans Day) प्रतिवर्ष '8 जून' को मनाया जाता है। विश्व में समुद्.......


हबीब तनवीर (मृत्यु: 8 जून 2009)

हबीब तनवीर (1 सितंबर 1923 – मृत्यु: 8 जून 2009) भारत के सबसे मशहूर पटकथा लेखक, नाट्य न.......


Important Events (from1901 to 2015)

June 8 • 1906 – Theodore Roosevelt signs the Antiquities Act into law, authorizing the President to restrict the use of certain parcels of public land with historical or conservation value.......


Shilpa Shetty (08-Jun-1975)

Shilpa Shetty (born c. 1975), also known as Shilpa Shetty Kundra after her marriage, is an Indian film actress, producer and former model. The elder sister of actress Shamita Shetty, she appears predo.......


8 June World Oceans Day

is celebrated every 8 June. It was celebrated unofficially since its original proposal in 1992 by Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.[1] It was officially recognized by the United Na.......

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